Exterior Edit

Name: "The Doctor"

Age: 10727

Human Age: "32"

Species: Timelord

Home Planet: Gallifrey

Regeneration: 14th (as of now)

Relationship: Taken

Name of Relationship Partner: Rose Tyler

Transportation: Tardis (Time and relative dimensions in space)

Hobie(s): Adventuring, Playing Guitar or Trumpet, Saving the Earth

The 14th Doctor

The Doctor (14th)

Description of Character:Edit

The Doctor is known by many people. Some of which are his sworn eneimies or even some friends he meets along his journey in space and time. The Doctor is known mostly for his bravery and heroship to the commitment to be the "Savior of Earth." The Doctor is also in DWRA for trying to be more "Human" and blend in with his family he has on Earth. The Doctor has many family members and most of DWRA is based on the family of The Doctor, of which of the family members of The Doctor are Monique "Prime", Jack Prime, Jared Oswald, Jordan Jay, Joshua Jay, Marcus Prime, Josephine Prime, Salem Prime, & Alex Prime. The actor that plays this character is LegoMaster_JM.

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